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There are nearly 200.000 residents of Alanya including more then 30.000 (2014) registered foreigners who simply love this city and live here permanently.  There are about 25.000 foreign owners of apartments in Alanya mostly from western and north Europe.  The apartment owners are amongst the Czechs as well.

Approximietly  800.000 foreigners are coming here a year for a beautiful holiday because Alanya offers great beaches, breathtaking mountains around and a rich social life.  The cute city center is full of shops, restaurants, pastry shops, cafes … despite the fact that the hospitality and friendliness of the locals is well knowed.

For many people the sunny Alanya became the second home.  It is known that up to 300 days a year are bright sunny days and the turquoise colored sea is just amazing.

Due to the financial crisis housing prices fell down and that is why a unique opportunity for investors and private individuals is opening up.

Intelligent investor can benefit from the crisis.  Do not miss your chance!