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Panorama Homes Network will accompany you in all phases of the acquisition and conveyance of the real estate with the land registry office (State Department).

We will help you to get your deed (TAPU) on your name. Tapu is the official document proving ownership of a property.

After you have decided to buy a property, we will help you to open a bank account in a local bank.

The purchaser gives us “power of attorney” which is authorizing us to carry out all formalities connected with your purchase on your behalf.

These are:

  • Getting military permission. This means military can make sure your property is not in a military zone. It takes 3 to 4 months
  • All procedures with the Land registry in order to register the deed in your name
  • Registration of your property in the municipality (Iskan)
  • Payment of you legal taxes
  • Registration of your water and electricity meters
  • Insurance of your new property
  • Participate in owners association meetings (if there is an owners association).

The property owner and the buyer sign a contract. This is an official contract. This document will have details of the payment conditions.

It takes 3 to 4 months for the military permission to come.

When the permission has arrived, both parties go to the land registry office to get the deed. A sworn translator will be required at the registry office.

Other expenses:

  • Land register fee amounts to 4% of the property. This is paid to Ziraat bank (State bank), the amount shown on deed (Tapu) is lower than real value and approximately 750 € to 1500 €.
  • Fee for the official sworn translator at notary around 50€, at the land register office around 50 €.
  • Power of Attorney costs approximately 175 €.
  • New electricity meter connection costs around 150 €. For the already existing connection it costs around 100 € (only once)
  • New water meter connection costs around 100 €. For the already existing connection it costs around 50 € (only once)
  • Property taxes are 0.1% of the property value which is decided by the local municipality and paid before the end of May every year.